Jason DeYoung

December 2022

New fiction, “Loose Stitch, 1991,” is up over at Bull.

July 2022

It’s been a while! Anyway, reviewed Shushan Avagyan’s new translation On the Theory of Prose by Viktor Shklovsky, Los Angeles Review of Books

July 2020

Two publications this month: The Cupboard released Waiting for the Miracle and Splice published my review of Barn 8 by Deb Olin Unferth.


June 2020

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Forthcoming July 2020

February 2020

An essay I wrote (what feels like a lifetime ago) on Micheline Aharonian Marcom’s Draining the Sea found a home this month over at Big Other,

October 2019

Two pieces of news this month: My short novella (very long short story?) Waiting for the Miracle won an Editors’ Choice slot in The Cupboard Annual Contest. Publication is May 2020. Also, my last official deadline for 2019 was this month with a review of Jung Young Moon’s Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River (trans. Yewon Jung) published by Deep Vellum. The review appears in Splice.

September 2019

New review up of The Need by Helen Phillips at Splice.

June 2019

A new, two-part review at Splice of The Dry Heart and Happiness as Such by Natalia Ginzburg

April 2019

Two new reviews are up at Splice: Sam Savage’s An Orphanage of Dreams and Lina Wolff’s The Polyglot Lovers.

November 2018

Two new reviews, both for Splice: Mathias Énard, Tell Them of Battles, Kings, and Elephants and Amparo Dávila, The Houseguest.